A dedicated communication specialist and professor with 20+ years teaching and mentoring in communications and media.  Sharif has been a communication and media image specialist for various companies in the Middle East, North Africa and South America; as well as giving corporate trust building workshops, icebreaking, public speaking, and communication trainings…   He has led several initiatives to bring international franchises to the region as well as establish new business plans and ROI.

Sharif is currently an Associate Professor at Yeditepe University in Turkey.  Sharif spent his entire life traveling from culture to culture this developed his passion for communication in all its forms.  Since the age of 23, Sharif has been a professor in over 10 countries including Lebanon, UK, Switzerland, Greece, Egypt, Kuwait and Turkey for the past 2 decades…  He was the youngest professor at the American University of Beirut (age 23); youngest Chairperson at 29 (Balamand University, Lebanon), and youngest Dean for Middle East Student Affairs at 33 (European Graduates School, Switzerland).He strongly believes in interdisciplinary and intercultural education and collaboration as he focuses on creating projects that help bridge cultural gaps as well as challenge the accepted limits and norms.

Sharif work varies from journal articles, books, and literature to experimental and feature films; with several article, book and film publications.  He has published 3 books in various genres, several academic articles, and 5 films, 12 theater plays; as well as being an editor for various academic journals and jury member for several international film festivals. He  has won more than 50 International Awards for his various contributions (Directing, Scriptwriting, Best Indie Filmmaker etc.).

Sharif is a proven innovator in developing innovative programs and curriculum to integrate techniques across departments and fields.

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