The primary purpose of evaluations that we get involved with, in addition to gaining insight into prior or existing initiatives, is to enable reflection and assist in the identification of future change.

Reaction & Perception

Reaction Evaluation is a process evaluation that the participant completes during or at the end of a staff development event or project. A reaction evaluation measures the participant’s opinions about the content, quality, value, applicability of the staff development event. Application is directly linked to reaction, so it’s important that you capture this measurement early in the process. We can help you design and build this at the beginning of your initiatives. Contact us


Learning Evaluation is a process to determine the relevance, effectiveness, and impact of activities in light of their objectives. In evaluating a training and development programme, you need to consider that most training and development activities exist in a larger context of projects, programmes, and plans. We can assist you in developing the right KPIs and learning objectives and ensure that learning takes place and your investment in learning and development is not wasted. Contact us


When a training program is implemented, a chain of impact should occur as skills and knowledge are learned and applied on the job to produce business impact, ultimately ending in ROI. To encourage application to take place, you need to design your projects and programmes and ensure that you follow up with actions plans to capture data for your application KPIs. We can be your advisor here. Contact us


An impact evaluation can be undertaken to improve or reorient an intervention or to inform decisions about whether to continue, discontinue, replicate or scale up an intervention. Impact is the consequence of application and is the KPI that your CEO and executives are interested in. We assist you in choosing impact KPIs that are linked and aligned to your strategy and mission and measure them to assess your success or change direction. Contact us

Return on Investment

We begin an ROI evaluation study with planning how the evaluation data will be collected, analyzed, and reported. The data collection instruments will be selected, designed, and implemented. Data will be collected, tabulated, and various analyses are performed. Our analysis includes isolating the effects of the programme on the impact data, converting data to money, and calculating the ROI. The ROI calculation compares the net program benefits to the program costs. Intangible measures, those measures that cannot be easily and credibly converted to money but are connected to the program, are identified and captured. The evaluation ends with compiling a comprehensive report. Contact us

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