Strategic Planning and Implementation: 13 – 17 November 2023

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Strategic Planning is systematic procedure to establish the long term objectives of an organization and the policies and strategies that oversee the achievement, use and disposition of resources to accomplish the vision and mission of firms. It is basically the responsibility of senior management. Strategic planning is the problem-solving process of establishing strategic objectives and devising strategic plans to realize those objectives. The goals of strategic planning including understanding the benefits of strategic planning; understanding the products of strategic planning; and learning the keys to successful planning and implementation.

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Many strategic plans fail not because they are bad plans but because of flaws in the execution of these strategies. The focus of this training is on “Strategy Execution” methodology, goal setting and measurement of results and achieving this through effective people management. This practical programme assists you to build a “Strategy Execution Framework” to deliver its Vision for success.

Using the acronyms of IPA (Investigate, Plan, Act), we will guide the delegates to develop a customized “Strategy Execution Framework” for you which is unique to you and comprehensive enough to ensure successful delivery of results. You will develop a customized strategy management framework using our tools and exercises. These five days will be engaging and interactive, with hands-on, practical and application-driven workshop. You will be working individually and in teams to apply your leaning to a unique case study. At the end of the course, you will be presenting a customized “Strategy Execution Framework”. The programme has been designed based on ROI methodology to ensure that you can measure Reaction and Learning.

Reaction Objectives:

  1. The delegates will find the content relevant to their jobs.
  2. The delegates will find the content important in aligning their offering with their strategy.
  3. The delegates will have the opportunity to put their learning into practice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Be able to conduct external and internal strategic analyses
  2. Learn to plan communications for team engagement and change management
  3. Understand the meanings of vision, mission, values and goal statements
  4. Learn how to select and design KPIs
  5. Be able to set goals and objectives for individuals and link it to your organization

Application Objectives:

The programme is designed for leaders to develop strategic management competencies and utilize various strategic tools to help your organizations and yourselves succeed by:

  1. Leading and facilitating an effective strategic planning and management process
  2. Thinking strategically and screening opportunities that best match the core competencies of the organization to deliver customer value.
  3. Aligning teams and individuals behind a common vision, strategy and strategic plan
  4. Ensuring strategic priorities are aligned to strategy and designed to drive the right outcomes
  5. Bridging the gap between strategy and execution via clear accountabilities, timely communications, effective measures and cascading of strategy

Key Takeaways • Organizational and Strategic Management Maturity Assessment • Team Strategic Management Competency Assessment • Cook Book / Tool Kit of comprehensive study guide • Individual and breakout exercises for discussion and application • Presentations & facilitation skills

Board Members, Executive Management Team, Directors, Managers and Staff Members responsible for implementing strategic plans

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    Strategic Planning and Implementation

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