Certificate in Events Management

  • FEES

Start With Why: Align Your Event With Your Business

  • Are you capitalising on Fear or Greed factor?
  • Is there a problem worth solving or an opportunity worth pursuing?

Make It Feasible: Select The Right Solution

  • Do you need to organise:
    • VIP session
    • Seminar or training programme
    • Conference
    • Confex
    • Exhibition
    • Symposium
  • Face to face or virtual?
  • Answer the 5 Ws and H

Expect Success: Plan For Results

  • How can you make sure that your audience perceive your event as important, relevant and recommend it to others?
  • How can you ensure that new knowledge is transferred and your audience learn new information?
  • How can you follow up with your audience to see if their learning being applied or contracts signed because of your event?
  • How can you prove that your event has had a positive impact on your audience, sponsors and stakeholders?
Plan Your Event
  • Form Your Team And Allocate Their Responsibilities

Organise Your Event

  • Data Collection
  • Venue Selection Criteria
  • Date Selection Criteria
  • Production Phase
  • Marketing Phase
  • Sales Phase
  • Administration Phase

Run Your Event

  • Data Collection
  • Risk Management
  • Evaluating Your Event
What’s Included:
  • Take Away From The Course
  • Templates
  • Sample questionnaires
  • Sample Topic Brief
  • Sample Creative Brief
  • Sample Sales Briefs
  • Business Alignment Plan
  • Data Collection Plan
  • ROI Analysis Plan
  • Action Plan template
  • Governmental Bodies
  • SME’s
  • Management
  • Business Owners
  • Sales Personal
  • Operational
  • Accounting
  • Supplier & Vendors
  • Safety and Health
  • Strategy/Planning
  • Project and Program Management
  • Quality Management
  • Marketing/Advertising Professionals
  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Logistics/Supply Chain/Procurement
  • Performance Measurement and Management
  • Select the right event to run
  • Get a positive Return On Investment on your    events
  • Stay within time and budget on your events
  • Evaluate your event and enhance its impact

      Certificate in Events Management

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