Certificate in e-Learning Instructional Design

  • FEES

For over three decades both educators and technology experts have been advocating a revolution in training and education based on the application of technological advances.

The truly transformative ways in which technology can facilitate learning goes deeper than a mere change of form of the taught material. It addresses the very relationship between facilitator and learner, as well as between learner and learner, and into influencing the very material to be taught.

And this is what Certificate In e-Learning Instructional Design will give you the tools to develop online materials that can be asynchronously delivered, in an interactive way, at the convenience of the learner, providing a platform where knowledge and experience can be exchanged with other learners, and offering immediate and constructive feedback, as well as continuity of the learning process.

Using the acronym IPA Initiate / Plan / Act (IPA) framework, we will build

e-Learning Instructional Design Model to enable you use the framework in the future.

  • Use the IPA Model (Initiate, Plan, Act) to develop e-Learning content
  • Write clear objectives using digital bloom’s taxonomy to enhance learning and evaluation
  • Write case studies to engage your learners
  • Create ideas for e-activities to increase retention
  • Prepare evaluations Kirkpatrick’s model & ROI to gage the impact of your programs
  • Use storytelling to imbed the learning
  • Use e-brain storming technics to encourage the trainees
  • Apply problem solving to different situations
  • Consider using modern strategies in e-Learning
  • Face the camera and produce effective videos
  • Use gamification when and where applicable
  • Understand the role of the virtual trainer
  • Understand Storyboard and evaluate how to use it
  • Prepare evaluations and an exam Bank
  • Deal with voice-over narration
  • Understand augmented reality in e-training and create ideas for it
  • Understand Screencast
What’s Included:
  • Identify the differentiating factors between traditional classroom teaching and e-Learning
  • Understand the limitations of e-Learning
  • Determine the suitability of a particular course to lend itself entirely or partially to e-Learning
  • Identify both the good practices to apply as well as pitfalls to avoid in developing e-Learning instructional materials
  • Choose assessment instruments appropriate for your e-Learning situation
  • Develop constructive feedback strategies leading to student retention and improved learning performance via an e-Learning platform

This programme is designed for professionals involved in all facets of education and training, who are seeking to gain skills for e-Learning instructional material development.

Practitioners new to asynchronous e-Learning design and development but experienced in training and performance, and those who want to brush up on the newest techniques.

  • Faculties
  • Training Managers
  • Instructional Material Designer
  • Learning Development Specialists
  • Learning Facilitators
  • Instructors
  • Instructional designers
  • Curriculum builders
  • Courseware producers

The Certificate In e-Learning Instructional Design programme is designed to provide the initial knowledge and hands-on experience to enable participants to confidently create content for e-Learning programmes.

      Certificate in e-Learning Instructional Design

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