Our Team

Farzaneh Majed, CRP, BSMP, KPIP, MCPM, SMPS
CEO & Managing Partner Transform Alliance
ROI Institute Partner
BSI Strategic Partner and Advisory Board Member

Farzaneh Majed is a Certified ROI Professional (CRP), ROI Institute Partner and Balanced Scorecard Institute Strategic Partner and Advisory Board Member with over 20 years of successful business development, change management and innovation experience who has a passion for excellence and thrives on driving change. Farzaneh’s extensive career at the global level has resulted in many successful initiatives being adopted lucratively. She believes in simplifying processes and delivering results through strategic planning and effective execution.

As the CEO and Managing Partner of Transform Alliance (TA), Farzaneh is committed to assisting organizations to achieve transformation through the engagement of their people with TA’s alliance partners. Having identified the mission of the organization, clients are guided and closely monitored on the journey from Strategy Formation and Implementation of Change Management. A key focus throughout is the end result and measurement of the ROI on each project.

Farzaneh is an advocate of Inclusion and Collaboration and owes her success to putting herself in the other person’s shoes and seeing the world from their perspective and seek a win-win solution. As Partnership Director, she transformed the relationships Informa had developed with key accreditation and certifying bodies as well as Informa’s pool of subject matter experts. She was instrumental in identifying new talent to ensure the sustainability of the business.

Farzaneh established the Training, Learning & Development Division of Informa (Former IIR Middle East) and was selected as Centre of Excellence for Training among Informa Group and achieved Innovation Award for continuous improvement.

Farzaneh is a Key Performance Indicator Professional (KPIP), Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP) and has a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University. She has an Honours degree in Combined Sciences (Statistics & Biology) from the University of Brighton in the UK.

In addition to leading some ROI Certification courses, Farzaneh has personally conducted an ROI study which took 12 months for a governmental body in Saudi Arabia.  They wanted to measure the impact and ROI of Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution. She not only designed and developed the programme for them, but also, assisted them in collecting Action Plans for Level 3, Application, followed by developing objectives for Level 4 – Impact. They actually achieved a positive ROI.

Farzaneh has coached the Procurement Department of a public hospital in Saudi to develop a team that is going to be responsible for measuring the results of their purchases.  This study is still underway.

Education, Training and Seminars

  • BSc Combined Sciences – University of Brighton, Brighton, UK
  • Balanced Scorecard Master Practitioner (BSMP®) – George Washington University, USA
  • Key Performance Indicator Practitioner (KPIP®) – George Washington University, USA
  • ROI Certified, ROI Institute, USA
  • Master’s Certificate in Project Management® – George Washington University & PMI, USA
  • Leadership & Management – Chartered Management Institute, UK
  • Strategic Management Performance Systems, LBL Strategies, USA

James Meltz, CRP, SP, KPIP, SMPS
COO & Partner, Transform Alliance

James Meltz is a Balanced Scorecard Professional, Key Performance Indicator Professional, Strategic Management Performance System Professional as well as a Certified ROI Professional.

A strong believer in performance enhancement and adding value to both individuals and companies.

James is a passionate sales and marketing strategist who partners with companies, governments and entrepreneurs having previously launched two start-up companies himself.

He considers himself an architect of change.

After spending more than two decades in the events industry where he has held several key management positions, James joins Transform Alliance (TA) as the COO and Partner with his many years of personal and professional contacts.

Educated in the USA, James has spent several years in the Middle East where global challenges in economic conditions continue to test even the strongest organisations. Both large established companies and SMEs are facing a variety of challenges as they strive to find growth, stay competitive and innovative, while Governments look to move to a more sustainable level of growth, tighten fiscal discipline and continue diversifying their economies. As the strategy of TA is to assist organisations to transform with the engagement of our global alliances, James believes companies can definitely work to find solutions that will improve their ROI, productivity and retention.

Education, Training and Seminars

  • BA Business Management (Honours), Metro College, Denver Colorado, USA
  • Balanced Scorecard Practitioner (BSP®), George Washington University, USA
  • Key Performance Indicator Practitioner (KPIP®), George Washington University, USA
  • Strategic Management Performance Systems, LBL Strategies, USA

Muzafar ul haq
Director of Software Engineering
Transform Alliance

Muzafar is well respected with exceptional understanding of Web, Digital and Media Technologies and how to apply it to maximum effect for business.

He is a focused, self-starter and a passionate digital leader with the ability to adapt quickly to new environments.

Highly motivated and enthusiastic individual who possesses strong analytical and facilitation skills, combined with motivation and enthusiasm.

He is a technically sophisticated senior developer with very good experience of designing and creating cutting-edge software solutions.

Expertly trained on web/mobile application designer and software developer.

A professional well versed in creating high profile, mission critical ERP/ERM solutions.

Highly proficient specialist in industry dominant languages, methodologies, standards and best practices.

Development Skills
Specialized In:
Java, C, C++, Android, iOS, .Net, MS SQL, XML, XSLT, JavaScript-based technologies — MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js

Creative Skills
Specialized In:
Graphic Design, Animation, Photography, Video Editing, Print Media, Digital Strategies, Social Media, Enterprise 2.0, Digital Business Models, Interface & Interaction Design.

Certificate in Supervisory Management Skills. (2009)
Institute for International Research, Dubai, UAE.
Certificate in New Media Event Forum. (2008)
Institute for International Research, Dubai, UAE.
Bsc (Hons) in Software Development. (2002)
University of Huddersfield, Department of Computer Engineering, Huddesfield, UK.
Diploma in Graphic Designing. (2000)
Fine Tuning Institute of Design, B-2 Al-Shams Square Karachi, Pakistan.
Certificate in Computing Software Development. (1999)
University of Huddersfield, Department of Computer Engineering, Huddesfield, UK.

Rizwan Mustafa, B.Sc (Computing), MBA
Director of Marketing
Transform Alliance

Rizwan is an award-winning marketing and communications professional with 13+ years of work experience, exclusively in the B2B & B2C events marketing domain.
He has an established track record of delivering successful marketing campaigns for B2B & B2C exhibitions and conferences while working for 2 of the world’s top organizers namely Informa Exhibitions and Comexposium for a number of years in the Middle East.

Rizwan has marketed events across a number of industries ranging from ICT (Information & Communications Technology), agriculture, veterinary, rail/public transport, food & beverage, travel catering and container supply chain industries.

On the education front, he has a combination of computing and business management streams. Rizwan holds a B.Sc. (Honours) in Computing (Software Development) from the University of Huddersfield, UK and an MBA from University of Southampton’s Business School, UK, which is ranked amongst top 10% of European business management institutions.