Certificate In Managing Training Programmes – Dubai, UAE

24 – 28 November 2019

What will you learn?

  • Define the reasons and situations when training is required as a solution
  • Understand the steps in the ADDIE training design and development model
  • Determine your personality type and understand how people behave differently
  • Review how different generations, communicate, learn and get motivated
  • Learn how to use ROPES to deliver your programmes
  • Understand how to use ROI Methodology to evaluate your programmes

The success of a training programme depends on many factors, one of which is an error free coordination and management function.  Training departments carry a major responsibility which focuses on developing your clients and employees’ knowledge and skills for current and future business needs. The Certificate In Managing Training Programmes course provides you with the knowledge and tools to survive the ever growing demands placed on the training function. This practical programme assists your company to build a “Training Management Framework” to deliver successful programmes.

Certificate In Managing Training Programmes will help you and your team gain a strong foundation to manage your diverse job roles and responsibilities. You will develop a working knowledge of the basic skills used for instructional design and the integration of technology as a training device and management tool. We will assist you in building your influencing skills to aid your interactions with peers, clients, and management.

The role of a training Manager is very diverse. You get involved in various roles within training: instructional design, assessment and evaluation, managing operations and project timelines, and occasionally executing some of the training itself. On top of that, you get to interact with the participants before, during, and after training, along with inside and outside of training.

We will guide you where to start as it could seem a little overwhelming.

In this interactive course, you will be introduced to and practice applying the key actions and outputs required to successfully support the efforts of a training team to execute L&D programmes. The instructors will draw on 20+ years’ of experience to prepare you to apply the concepts of basic instructional design and training delivery, project management, and event logistics for when you return to work. Additionally, this course will strengthen your ability to handle difficult people and situations.

During the programme, you will be introduced to IPA model:

  • Initiate
  • Plan
  • Act

Using the Initiate / Plan / Act (IPA) framework, we will use a customized “Training Management Framework” which is comprehensive enough to ensure successful delivery of results.

Training Managers are human resource specialists who implements talent development solutions. In this role, you assess staff’s needs, assist with the design of training materials, coordinate the delivery of training programmes (whether developed internally or sourced externally), and monitor the results. In addition, you are often responsible for administrative tasks relating to training technology, project management, and working with outside vendors.

What’s Included:

These five days will be engaging and interactive with plenty of hands-on, practical and application-driven workshops.

What’s in it for YOU?

  1. Understand the steps in the ADDIE training design and development model
  2. Identify and diffuse difficult situations
  3. Align programmes offered with your clients’ development needs
  4. Understand how different generations learn and design and develop your courses based on that
  5. Use practical checklists to make your job easier
  6. Negotiate for a win-win outcome

What’s in it for your company?

  1. Reduce number of redundant programmes offered
  2. Increase client satisfaction ratios
  3. Improve the efficiency of training department
  4. Reduce errors and manage waste

What’s in it for your clients?

  1. Be confident of high standard services provided by you
  2. Be able to rely on your professionalism to deliver value for money

What to Expect?

  • Participation:You are expected to collaborate with your facilitator and colleagues through interactive group discussions, role plays and exercises.
  • Supplemental Resources: This programme has plenty of tools and templates to help you apply what you learn during this 5 days.
  • Action Plan: We strongly recommend that you put together an action plan that you will apply once you return to work.

Who Should Attend?

This programme has been designed for Training Managers who want to learn the fundamentals and logistics of supporting training departments and learning programmes. It’s especially good for new recruits, but a great refresher for someone taking on a new role in the department.

  • Instructional Designer
  • Learning Developer or Designer
  • Learning Strategist
  • Learning & Development Specialist
  • Faculty
  • Training Manager


The programme has been designed based on ROI methodology to ensure that you can measure Reaction, Learning, Application and Impact.

Reaction Objectives:

  1. The delegates will find the content relevant to your jobs.
  2. The delegates will find the content important in aligning your job function with your organisation’s strategy.
  3. The delegates will have the opportunity to put your learning into practice back at work.
  4. The delegates intend to apply your learning back at work to improve the company’s offerings.
  5. Rate the relevance of the course content 9 out 10

Learning Objectives:

  1. Be able to define the roles of a training Manager
  2. Understand the steps in the ADDIE training design and development model
  3. Assess your own competencies in the training manager position
  4. Be able to demonstrate your understanding of the ROI Methodology
  5. Understand different type of personality based on DISC methodology

Application Objectives:

  1. Use ADDIE to design and develop your programmes
  2. Align programmes offered with you development needs
  3. Apply KSA when designing training courses
  4. Use ROPE when delivering programmes

Impact Objectives

  1. Reduce number of redundant programmes offered
  2. Increase client satisfaction ratios
  3. Improve the efficiency of training department
  4. Reduce errors and manage waste

Here’s What Delegates Who Have Attended This Course Have Said:


Saad Al Zahrani, Head of IT Sector

“The workshops enriched my learning experience in multiple ways…. Knowledge +ways of delivery and management”

“I have learned a lot from the trainers especially Ms Farzaneh.  I really liked the material.  I have benefited and will transfer the same strategy to the training dept”

Reem Al Mohemeed, Head of the Office Management

“It is a course that summarizes a group of topics that shorten a lot of training programmes”

Hasan Balubaid, Business Administration Sector

“Amazing course”

Mohammed Hattan, Director of Administrative and Legal Programs

“Great programme”

Dr Yasser Hausawi, Assistance Professor – Manager

Your Programme Leaders

Farzaneh Majed, CRP, BSMP, KPIP, MCPM, SMPS
CEO & Managing Partner Transform Alliance
ROI Institute Partner in UAE
BSI Strategic Partner and Advisory Board Member

Farzaneh is BSI Strategic Partner and Advisory Board Member with over 20 years of successful business development, change management and innovation experience who has a passion for excellence and thrives on driving change. Farzaneh’s extensive career at global level has resulted in many successful initiatives being adopted lucratively. She believes in simplifying processes and delivering results through strategic planning and effective execution.
As the CEO and Managing Partner of Transform Alliance (TA), Farzaneh is committed to assisting organizations achieve transformation. Having identified the mission of the organization, clients are guided and closely monitored on the journey from Strategy Formation and Implementation to Change Management. A key focus throughout is the end result and measurement of the ROI on each project.

As Partnership Director within Informa PLC, Farzaneh was responsible for consolidating the network of 500 trainers, ensuring consistency of commercial terms, and developing key products.  She also transformed the relationships Informa had developed with key accreditation and certification bodies.

Farzaneh is a Key Performance Indicator Professional (KPIP), Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP) and has a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.  She has an Honours degree in Combined Sciences (Statistics & Biology) from University of Brighton in the UK.

Education, Training and Seminars

  • BSc Combined Sciences – University of Brighton, Brighton, UK
  • Balanced Scorecard Master Practitioner (BSMP®) – George Washington University, USA
  • Key Performance Indicator Practitioner (KPIP®) – George Washington University, USA
  • ROI Certified, ROI Institute, USA
  • Master’s Certificate in Project Management®) – George Washington University & PMI, USA
  • Leadership & Management – Chartered Management Institute, UK
  • Strategic Management Performance Systems, LBL Strategies, USA

James Meltz, BSP, KPIP, SMPS
COO & Managing Partner, Transform Alliance
Balanced Scorecard, KPIP & SMPS certified from George Washington University.

James Meltz is a passionate sales and marketing strategist who partners with companies, governments and entrepreneurs having previously launched two start-up companies himself.

He considers himself an architect of change.

After spending more than two decades in the events industry where he has held several key management positions, James joins Transform Alliance (TA) as the COO and Partner with his many years of personal and professional contacts.

Educated in the USA, James has spent several years in the Middle East where global challenges in economic conditions continue to test even the strongest organisations. Both large established companies and SMEs are facing a variety of challenges as they strive to find growth, stay competitive and innovative, while Governments look to move to a more sustainable level of growth, tighten fiscal discipline and continue diversifying their economies. As the strategy of TA is to assist organisations to transform with the engagement of our global alliances, James believes companies can definitely work to find solutions that will improve their ROI, productivity and retention.

Education, Training and Seminars

  • BA Business Management (Honours), Metro College, Denver Colorado, USA
  • Balanced Scorecard Practitioner (BSP®) -George Washington University USA
  • Key Performance Indicator Practitioner (KPIP®) -George Washington University USA
  • Strategic Management Performance Systems, LBL Strategies, USA
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Book and pay between 10 – 30 September 2019 USD$ 3,995
Book and pay after 01 October 2019 USD$ 4,495
Book three delegates and pay for two USD$ 8,990


James Meltz

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