The Bottomline On Return On Investment (ROI), Riyadh, KSA

01 - 02 December 2019

The Bottomline On Return On Investment (ROI)

The Bottomline On Return On Investment is a two-day interactive workshop that introduces you to the 5 levels of the ROI Methodology, how the ROI Methodology can be applied to various projects within the workplace, and how measuring ROI can differentiate you from your colleagues to set you apart for recognition.
First day will focus on the foundation and theory of ROI Methodology while day two will be highly interactive, practical and fun.

In this two-day workshop developed by ROI Institute and delivered by Farzaneh Majed, participants will begin to build the skills needed to develop and deliver effective Return On Investment (ROI) evaluations for learning and performance, organizational development, human resources, technology, change, and quality solutions.

The program emphasizes the Phillips ROI Methodology® and provides participants an introduction to be able to learn to apply the ROI Process Model—a results-based method for developing application impact objectives, developing data collection plans, collecting various types of hard and soft data, isolating the effects of the program, converting data to monetary values, tabulating appropriate program costs, calculating Return On Investment, and identifying intangible benefits.

During the workshop, you will cover:

  • Introduction and Readiness to Learn
  • The Business Case for ROI
  • Overview of the ROI Process
  • Developing Objectives
  • Business Alignment
  • Data Collection
  • Case Application
  • Guiding Principles
  • Converting Data to Money
  • Costs/ROI
  • Intangible Benefits
  • Case Application
  • Isolating the Effects of Programs
  • Communication of Results
  • Implementation of the ROI Methodology
  • Next Steps – Follow up

Skills you gain:

  • Determine data collection techniques, timing, and methods
  • Choose appropriate strategies for isolating the effects of programs
  • Convert impact measures to monetary values
  • Analyze data and calculate the actual financial ROI
  • Present results to a variety of audiences, including executives and key stakeholders

What’s Included:

  • Pre-Work: Prior to the workshop, you will receive a pre-work form that helps you choose a program within your organization to evaluate using the ROI Methodology.
  • Workshop: Two days of content rich, interactive sessions. The focus is on introducing the ROI Methodology and applying it.
  • Application: The second day will include a practical game that will highlight the methodology and showcase your knowledge.

Anyone who needs the skills to measure the impact of learning and performance improvement programs. Individuals who need to demonstrate the ROI and business impact of other initiatives such as human resources, quality, process improvement, organizational change, and technology implementation will also benefit.

Areas fit for ROI Implementation:

  • Human Resources/Human Capital
  • Training/Learning/Development
  • Leadership/Coaching/Mentoring
  • Knowledge Management
  • Organization Effectiveness/Development
  • Lean/Six Sigma
  • Recognition/Incentives/Engagement
  • Change Management
  • Technology/Systems/IT
  • Green Projects/Sustainability
  • Safety and Health
  • Process Improvement
  • Talent Retention
  • Project and Program Management
  • Quality Management
  • Strategy/Planning
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Risk Management/Ethics/Compliance
  • Logistics/Supply Chain/Procurement
  • Performance Measurement and Management

Workshop Benefits:

  • Demonstrate ability in conducting an impact study
  • Sought-after skills that will make you more credible and valuable to your organization’s executives

Farzaneh Majed, CRP, BSMP, KPIP, MCPM, SMPS
CEO & Managing Partner Transform Alliance
ROI Institute Partner in UAE 
BSI Strategic Partner and Advisory Board Member

Farzaneh is ROI Institute & BSI Strategic Partner and Advisory Board Member with over 20 years of successful business development, change management and innovation experience who has a passion for excellence and thrives on driving change. Farzaneh’s extensive career at global level has resulted in many successful initiatives being adopted lucratively. She believes in simplifying processes and delivering results through strategic planning and effective execution.
As the CEO and Managing Partner of Transform Alliance (TA), Farzaneh is committed to assisting organizations achieve transformation. Having identified the mission of the organization, clients are guided and closely monitored on the journey from Strategy Formation and Implementation to Change Management. A key focus throughout is the end result and measurement of the ROI on each project.

As Partnership Director within Informa PLC, Farzaneh was responsible for consolidating the network of 500 trainers, ensuring consistency of commercial terms, and developing key products.  She also transformed the relationships Informa had developed with key accreditation and certification bodies.

Farzaneh is a Key Performance Indicator Professional (KPIP), Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP) and has a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.  She has an Honours degree in Combined Sciences (Statistics & Biology) from University of Brighton in the UK.

Education, Training and Seminars

  • BSc Combined Sciences – University of Brighton, Brighton, UK
  • Balanced Scorecard Master Practitioner (BSMP®) – George Washington University, USA
  • Key Performance Indicator Practitioner (KPIP®) – George Washington University, USA
  • ROI Certified, ROI Institute, USA
  • Master’s Certificate in Project Management®) – George Washington University & PMI, USA
  • Leadership & Management – Chartered Management Institute, UK
  • Strategic Management Performance Systems, LBL Strategies, USA
  • Book and pay before 14 September 2019 >> USD 1,195
  • Book and pay between 15 September – 05 October 2019 >> USD 1,495
  • Book and pay after 06 October 2019  >> USD 1,995
  • Book three delegates and pay for two >> USD 3,990


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